Christian Weber Christian Weber

23.11.72 Zürich/Switzerland
doublebass, substructural noises

 »»1990 discovery of the doublebass
 »»1993-96 studies at Hochschule f. Musik und darstnde Kunst Graz
 »»1995-98 studies at Bruckner Konservatorium Linz with A. Roidinger
 »»1998 studies with Ernst Weissensteiner, Vienna
 »» 2001 contribution by the city of Zürich; commission by ProHelvetia

Christian Weber, currently living in Zürich, contributes his ideas and his wonderful instrument to many projects all over europe.
long lasting cooperation with composer-collective "Gegen-klang " (Vienna). premiered trio- und solopieces of Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Reinhard Fuchs, Gerald Resch & Ludwig Bekic.