Fabian Chyle

has studied dance, theatre and choreography in Amsterdam, New York City and San Francisco. And for the last ten years he has worked as a dancer and choreographer in both the US and in Europe.

His artistic work is known for its innovation, its idiosyncratic movement-repertoire and its diversity in styles.  He has gained particular artistic acclaim for his   collaboration with contemporary composers. Most recently, with Germany's most recognized living composer Wolfgang Rihm. His work in this area brings together post modern dance with new classical music.

In 2000, he founded his present company COAC (Cross Over Art Concepts) to promote artistic and socio-cultural projects related to  dance  and body-based-art. COAC is dedicated to creating dance and theatre performances in interdisciplinary settings, focusing on context, imagery and innovative movement styles. Partly in recognition of his creative work with COAC, Fabian was invited by The Siemens Cultural Foundation to create "Schicht" for the Meistersinger Festival in Nürnberg.

Since 2001 Fabian has shared the position of artistic director of "P3" together with the director Bernhard Eusterschulte and the composer Nikola Lutz. "P3" runs an ongoing performance series at the   theater "Rampe" in Stuttgart.

In the summer of 2002 Fabian was invited by Süd-West-Funk Stuttgart to choreograph a piece based on the composition "Tutuguri" by the composer Wolfgang Rihm.  Parallel to the premier of this work, his performance cycle  "Crossings" opened its second phase.

Fabian has received numerous  grants  and  stipends  for  his artistic  work.  Most recently  he  was  awarded  with a  prize  from the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg.
Parallel to his artistic achievements, in 2001 Fabian became a faculty member of the Staatliche  Akademie  der  Bildenden Künste (the  state  academy  of the  fine  Arts),  teaching  choreography  and   composition.